Unfinished Business-Poem

Unfinished Businesses are everywhere
Those who had plans for 12:00
Died at 11:59.

Whiles those who are always procrastinating
End up on their sickbed having achieved
NOTHING as a medal.

Unfinished Business everywhere of course
I wonder what it aim in life is all about.
Is she here to make us feel all the regrets at end?

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24 Hours is all that she gives us
Just 24 but when we complain
She says that 24 hours has 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds
And so the need to complain? That is how she quizzes us.

The Rich and the Poor both have that limit
But some wallow in poverty whiles others live in abundance
Leaving many with unfinished businesses.

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Unfinished Business always prides herself
That she makes the cemetery the most fertile place in the world
Why is that so?
She prides herself in that way because;
The cemetery is one place where
Those who had plans to write a book; never did.
Those who had plans to write and compose the most beautiful music; never did.
Those with bigger dreams and inventions were also never achieved that as well.
Hence burying them all beneath the earth.
Unfinished Businesses Everywhere!

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The day where unfinished Business
Will be a thing of the Past; that day will bring massive JOY to Humanity.