10 High Paying Jobs in Singapore

When it comes to  Singapore, obviously there is a lot to be said even though they didn’t qualify for the last world cup.Russia obviously hosted what FIFA termed as one of the best world cups in the world and with my country breaking my heart, I have no option than to let things be whiles I concentrate on the post at hand.

Singapore is what we look and of course one name pops up anytime that name is called out, the name Lee Kuan Yew is the personality the world looks up to for moving  Singapore from a third world country to what we have today. And of course the Singapore we have today is something every developing country looks up to.

We today have a look at some of the high paying jobs in the country. The Lion City as its affectionately called obviously have some interesting facts.

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It’s one of the few countries in the world which has its national anthem at the back of its $1,000 note. It’s also one country which has the longest life span for its citizens. That’s really amazing! But get this, it imports water and sand from its neighbour; Malaysia.

Another interesting fact about Singapore is the fact they are  believed to be fast walkers according to  research by the British Council. It is believed they can cover 6.15km in less than an hour.

Aside of all these, let move back to business as usual. let look at some of the high paying jobs in the country of Singapore. Which occupation do you think comes first? I’m sure mainly are likely to go for doctors which of course in’t far from right. It’s one profession very high in demand in the world and not just in Singapore but the question is; how much do they take home at the end of the month.

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Let begin but this post has been made possible by the kind courtesy of MichaelPage.com.sg,

Here are the 10 highest paying jobs in Singapore

1. Legal Counsel

With an average earning of more than $500,000 per year, the legal counsel in Singapore is really top on the list when it comes jobs which really pays well in the country.

But taking such an amount doesn’t come on a silver platter. It involves years of practice and of course one can’t experience out s well. It’s more or less like the salary of a lawyer has to do with how good he or she is when it comes to winning cases.

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I doubt any bad lawyer will be taking home almost half a million dollars a year or more than. Years of ones practice is all that it takes. And so if you intend to venture into the legal section simply because it pays well, you ought to think twice and remember the sacrifice involved.

2. CFO/ Finance Director

Another high paying job in Singapore finding itself in the 10 high paying jobs is the finance director.Most of them take home averagely $400,000 per year. As the nature of their job puts them most at in control of finances of the company and they need to strategic thinkers as when it comes to managements and planning.

They need to be more or less like seers who can see what might be a bad investment or an opportunity very much worth investing.

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