20 Strange Things You will Only See in India

India is not only a country with 330 million gods, here you can cheer on a bull race or walk like Tarzan on root bridges. India has so much to offer, and here are facts to support it.
We today want to prove to you that India still holds some interesting stuffs which might only find there.

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1. The third sex, the Hijras

In India, the term Hijra is used to refer to those people who consider themselves transgender or transsexual. Hijras have a history recorded on the Indian subcontinent since ancient times, as suggested also by the Kāma Sūtra. In April 2014, India’s Supreme Court recognized transgender people as a ’third sex’ in a special law also regarding passports and other official documents.

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2. A pilgrimage of 130 million people

The Kumbh Mela, a Hindu pilgrimage that is repeated every 12 years, is the largest human gathering in the world, and it’s also visible from space. This year the Kumbh Mela was held in Ardh of Allahabad from January 15th to March 4th 2019 and is estimated to have seen the participation of 130 million people.

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