15 Signs Someone is FAKE RICH


Number 1: They care more about the brand perception than the quality
They’re not below buying fake products and trying to pass them on as genuine. That’s easy! If you see someone rocking fakes, you don’t need to look any further through the list. Those aren’t even fake rich, those are wanna-be’s.

The fake rich, will own designer pieces but try to sneak in a fake in the package, hoping people won’t notice.

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For the fake rich, it’s all about the brand, it doesn’t matter if the quality is as poor as it gets. The bigger the logo the happier they are.

People who are truly wealthy don’t care about brands, they only focus on comfort and quality. That’s why some of the higher end brands may look boring to you, because they appeal to a different type of mindset which you’re not yet familiar with.

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Unless they’re looking to make a statement, the rich stick to more subtle pieces.

Number 2: They name-drop a lot
This happens a lot in upcoming circles. People try to use other people’s klout in order to make themselves look more important.

If you’ve been following our channel for a while, you know that your net worth is closely correlated to your network, so they try to do the same with public perception.

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You’ll always hear the fake rich talking about other people like they know them very personally when most of the time they just happened to be in the same room as them once.

Be careful of those who’s only activity is collecting names to use in not so casual conversations.

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