Top 10 Best Countries to Move To

The best countries to move to when you want a change of space.For some, moving to a different country can be a drastic lifestyle change. But those who are avid travelers are likely to adapt to their new surroundings much easier. Here are the 10 best countries to move to when you are ready to relocate to a new and exciting area.

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Those who are concerned about equal pay rates may want to relocate to the country of Denmark. The gender wage gap between men and women in the country is now 7.8% for all full-time employees. When compared to the wage gap in the United States at 17.9%, that is an impressive difference and a wonderful opportunity for women who wish to enhance their careers.

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America’s neighbors to the north have plenty to offer those looking for a change of pace. This country is known for its friendly residents and peaceful surroundings also rank high in terms of achievement in education. More than half of the population are college graduates.

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